price objections

Common Price Objections

Price objections are a common occurrence in sales negotiations. Understanding the objections and utilizing the right techniques can turn them into opportunities. Let’s take a look at some common price objections and the responses you can generate with Salestone:

The price is too high:

  1. Emphasize your product’s unique features and benefits that justify the higher price.
  2. Provide evidence of the product’s quality, durability, or performance that justifies the price.
  3. Compare competitors’ products to showcase the superior value your product provides.
  4. Highlight any additional services or support included in the price.

I can get a similar product/service for a lower price elsewhere:

  1. Highlight the unique qualities or features that differentiate your product from competitors.
  2. Discuss the long-term benefits and cost savings that your product/service offers, even if the initial price is higher.
  3. Offer a price match guarantee or provide additional value-adds to justify the price difference.
  4. Share customer testimonials or success stories that demonstrate the value of your product/service.

I don’t see why I should pay more for your product:

  1. Communicate your product’s specific benefits or advantages over cheaper alternatives.
  2. Provide evidence of your product’s superior quality, reliability, or performance.
  3. Please explain how your product/service can help customers achieve their goals or solve their problems better than cheaper options.
  4. Offer a risk-free trial or money-back guarantee to alleviate concerns about the higher price.

I can’t afford it:

  1. Explore the customer’s budget limitations and offer flexible payment options.
  2. Break down the total cost into smaller, more manageable instalments.
  3. Highlight the long-term value and return on investment your product/service can provide.
  4. Offer a scaled-down version or a limited-time discount to make it more affordable.

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