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Discover the innovative capabilities of promptless technology and explore the exciting new features we have introduced to enhance your user experience.

New Plans

We have revamped our subscription plans to provide greater accessibility and value. Our two new plans, Basic and Advanced, offer various tools across various categories, such as copywriting, meals, gifts, marketing, sales, PR, financial, and political.

These plans allow you to access multidisciplinary tools under a single subscription. We are continuously expanding our tool offerings and will include new tools in the plans at no additional cost!

Additionally, we now offer free tools that require no registration or credit card information, enabling you to explore and test them hassle-free.

Multitasking with Multitools

Our updated interface empowers you to navigate through our diverse toolset seamlessly. You can now add multiple tools within a single screen, enabling efficient multitasking and boosting productivity.

Reworked Feedback

Obtaining feedback has always been challenging. Our AI Feedback and Expert Opinion features are available round the clock, providing valuable insights into your recent results. We reworked the feedback feature so you can use it anytime in the conversation.
Expert Opinion has been enhanced to generate opinions from relevant experts based on the context of your conversation. You have the flexibility to select the specific expert from whom you wish to seek opinions and feedback.

Improved Implement Feedback

We have streamlined the feedback implementation process by attaching it directly to the relevant result. You can now choose which feedback you want to implement, giving you greater control over improving your work.

New Feature! Suggest Options

Our Suggest Options feature assists you if you require options for a particular situation. It suggests appropriate options based on the context of your conversation, providing valuable guidance. Our application presents these options for you to select and incorporate into your next messages.

New Feature! Find Tools

Finding the right tools for your tasks is now more convenient than ever. You can search for tools directly within your conversation, allowing you to discover relevant tools for new tasks quickly. Simply add the task to the conversation, and our app will suggest the most suitable tools for you to utilize.

New Hot Feature! AI Expert Consultancy Session

Experience the cutting-edge capabilities of AI technology like never before with our conversation context-sensitive features. Our latest feature takes AI analysis to a new level, creating an expert profile with personality, soft skills, hard skills, and duties based on the most recent conversation results. Now, you can ask the AI expert any questions, tapping into their vast knowledge and expertise.

Experience the power of promptless technology and use our new features to enhance your workflow. We invite you to try out the latest update and unlock the full potential of curioustone.

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